What if you use Mighty Minisite Template Instead?

Mighty Minisite template was coded to be easy to use, with SEO friendliness and clean code.

A major part of it is done by applying easy to use and modify CSS formatting.

With sleek CSS coding, some of the biggest benefits that you get is a light-weight website because you no longer need to use HTML codes like <table>, <img>, <font> to style your sales letter.

Mighty Minisite template also includes some of the best ways to highlight content on your website. Check out how easy it is to display a list, create a boxed content, display headlines and more…


  1. Strong bold logo
  2. Clear website name and description
  3. Top menu navigation (can be removed)
  4. Graphical headline
  5. Sub-headline, with Cufon text replacement(<h3>)
  6. Sidebar area
  7. Ready opt-in box (can be removed)
  8. Use Sidebar for testimonials or other content
  9. Sub-headline, with Cufon text replacement(<h2>)
  10. Easy CSS green checked listing(<ul class=”yes”>)
  11. Easy CSS red checked listing(<ul class=”no”>)
  12. Easy CSS highlighted content area(<blockquote>)
  13. Easy CSS Johnson box for bonuses or product modules info(<div class=”module”>)
  14. Comes with matching order button with credit card logos
  15. Footer menu(can be removed)
  16. Footer content area for info like disclaimer & legal

Using Mighty Minisite, you can have a brand new look and this could improve your conversions overnight. Just grab it today and start customizing it.

By tomorrow, you could be experiencing that extra sales you never thought are in your website. Or perhaps that extra subscriber when you thought your website was up to its limit.

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